Influence Multiplied for Christian Women
Influence Multiplied for Christian Women
Deb Luxton

Welcome to Influence Multiplied for Christian Women

A community for women who follow Christ seeking to finish our race well.


Influence Multiplied is a community of women who follow Christ seeking a safe* space as we finish our race well. We are here to learn new insights, share personal struggles, and grow in readiness. This is so that with bold faith, we are victorious in current ministry assignment(s), define new ministry assignments, and courageously seek to influence those God places before us.

The world is starving for godly influence; for your influence!

Let us finish our race well! into flames the spiritual gift God gave you. ~ 2 Timothy 1:6 (NLT)

"Safe" - overcoming the fear of working through personal transformation is critically important.  Concerns that what you say could get back to your board and bring harm to your husband, congregation, or ministry are real.  

 Your need for a safe place to share and grow is a foundational element for this community. 

Why Join Us?

The Influence Multiplied Community is your safe place to:

💞 be vulnerable; share in full transparency

💞 find sincere inspiration and encouragement

💞 grow with other like-minded women

💞 step out boldly and confidently

💞 find "true community" when your local options don't fit your needs as an influencer/leader

Join us if you desire to thrive as an always-growing woman. Be part of an inspiring and loving community to embrace the impact you were created and designed to have.

True community is defined as:
💞 A place to learn from the experience, strength, and hope of each member
💞 A place to build deep connections
💞 A place where God's word is honored and trust is foundational
💞 A place to transform fears and limiting beliefs
💞 A place to grow closer to Jesus

⛔️ strictly not another place for social media type engagement - surface-level interactions, filled with noise and distractions, judgements. 

Guiding Principles

➡️  Honor Jesus Christ in all that we say and do

➡️  Confidentiality is at our core

➡️  Share from personal experiences, strength, and hope

➡️  Engage to feed community.  Even a "cheer" to encourage the woman who took the time and had the courage to share

➡️  Refrain from advice giving.  Rather, we share insights and practical tips from our individual experiences

Founder Background

Hello, my name is Debbie (Deb) Luxton.  I am the founder of this community.  I, like so many, have sought true community most of my life.  

A safe place to learn, grow and share my inner struggles. A place to explore ideas without fear of criticism. A safe place to be vulnerable.

I've learned that vulnerability is one of God's greatest gifts. I've also learned that it must be in a safe space with women who truly get it.  

This is the purpose of this community.  My passion is that women would have a willingness to be bold in serving those whom God places in front of us. 

"We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ." 
~ 2 Corinthians 10:5 (MSG)